nba在哪押注business growth

nba在哪押注in a magic way

focusing on customer value, gz9rt.combines insights from multi-industries with three-decade extensive delivery experience, to accelerate your product innovation, empower your digital transformation, helping you to achieve business growth.

About Neusoft

Innovate for competitive products

nba在哪押注with outstanding ability in product software engineering, we help our customers optimize product innovation and customer experience, to further enhance product competitiveness.


Accelerate digital transformation

nba在哪押注by leveraging emerging technologies, such as big data, ai, iot, we help our customers reshape their competitive edge, to accelerate digital transformation and internetlization.


Growth by open innovation

nba在哪押注through fusion of multi-industry insights and cross market synergy, we help our customers achieve new growth by business open innovation.


Mature delivery experience

with three-decade experience serving many global top customers, we fulfill our promise to customers by delivery at speed and scale.


Software Engineering

Digital Transformation

neusoft works with the core goal of exerting our excellent software engineering capabilities to help your company to achieve product innovation, maximize software value, and promote business growth.

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Product Engineering

Product Innovation

nba在哪押注neusoft provides you with product engineering services including product architecture, design, embedded software development, testing, maintenance and product support, so as to improve customer experience and enhance product competitiveness.

Testing service

Quality Improvement

nba在哪押注testing & performance engineering services can help your company discover, control, manage and eliminate potential system performance problems, improving work efficiency and user satisfaction.

One-stop BPO service

Operation Efficiency

our award winning bpo service helps you company with operation efficiency through simplification, collaboration and cost reduction. with rich and comprehensive industry experience and technical capabilities developed over the years, neusoft not only provides process support, more importantly, becomes an extension of your company.


Financial Service

nba在哪押注neusoft boasts a mature and complete outsourcing service management system and provides various forms of on-demand outsourcing services with organizational guarantee, to support clients’ consulting, technology r&d, human resources, and legal and financial affairs.

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Brand Recognition

Top 20 Most Globally Competitive Chinese Companies (Roland Berger)
Top 50 Chinese Global Challengers (BCG)
Asian Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE)
Best Employers in APAC (AON)
PwC Global 100 Software Leaders


No. 1 among China-Based Top Providers ranking in "China-Based Offshore Software Development
2013-2017 Forecast and Analysis" report by IDC
Listed in 'Global Outsourcing 100’ by IAOP for 9 times
Listed in 'Global 100 Software Leaders' by PwC for 3 times
Listed in "Global Services 100" and the "Best IT Outsourcing Providers" by the Global Services Magazine for 8 times


China, 14,000+
Japan, 60+
North America, 50+
South America, 30+
Africa, 30+
Europe, 30+
Middle East, 50+
nba在哪押注 Other Asian Countries , 40+

Qualifications, Certifications
and Patents

CMMI(V1.2) Level 5
PCMM Level 5
ISO14001 Environmental Management
ISO/IEC 2000 IT Service Management
ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management
700+ Patents
1400+ Software Coppyrights Registrations

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