Neusoft “One-Stop Cross-Border E-commerce” Solutions

nba在哪押注as a brand new branch of neusoft’s bpo business, neusoft cross-border e-commerce services are perfectly integrated with nuesoft’s rich back-end operating experience and information technology to meet internet e-commerce clients’ fast-growing demands on professional operation services. neusoft enables omni-channel sales and expands the categories of value-added services to fully meet brand owners’ needs and to help open up the global markets.

  • Assist traditional enterprises in transforming their offline sales terminals to online ones and building closed-loop industrial chains
  • Solve the traditional e-commerce operation problems such as weak sales channels and lack of operating experience
  • Save online operating costs and reduce risks
  • Help brand owners with their entry and promotion in international markets

Relevant Qualifications

  • ISO9001: Quality Management System Certification
  • ISO14001: Environmental Management System Certification
  • OHSAS18001: Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification
  • ISO27001: Information Security Management System Certification
  • ISO20000: IT Service Management System Certification
  • PIPA: Personal Information Protection Certification

Neusoft “One-Stop” Cross-Border E-commerce Solutions

Typical Cases and Clients

Thirdpartnar for Star Drug

nba在哪押注star drug, a chain brand of imported cosmeceuticals with extensive offline channel resources, has reached cooperation with over 400 brands in more than 20 countries on e-commerce sales of products from 6,000-plus categories. neusoft provides star drug with comprehensive thirdpartnar services including product layout planning, event pricing, marketing promotion and after-sales support.

Neusoft Cross-Border Influencer Promotion Services

nba在哪押注neusoft has successfully served a global e-commerce platform, providing the platform and its sellers with the promotion and operation services based on influencer marketing and oriented towards such industries as clothing, beauty makeup, and 3c. with many products being sold worldwide, the platform sellers have seen effective increases in sales.

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